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The Team

Who We Are


Adrian McMillan

Founder & CEO

Adrian McMillan is the founder and president of MPCS. His vision to promote a healthier community by teaching healthier ways of living has been a passion of his since the age of 16. Following his transition to veteran status upon leaving the U.S. Navy, Adrian made it his mission to dedicate his time, effort, and resources to making his vision a reality. In November of 2022, Adrian launched MPCS and has continued to serve those in need throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Craig Phillips

Outreach Coordinator

Craig Phillips joined MPCS in December of 2022. His years of experience as a lay leader and overseer in different churches has made him a pivotal member of the MPCS team. 


Ashalee Brown


Ashalee Brown is a dedicated member of MPCS with a history of collaboration with various service organizations in the DMV area. Her commitment to addressing public health concerns has been honed over several years of passionate work within her communities and by obtaining her B.S. in Public Health from the University of Maryland. 

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