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Food Garnishing Herbs

MPCS Community Hubs

The MPCS Community Hubs are a dedicated initiative to support those in need within the Maryland community. Each week, we set up a tent and temporary food service station where individuals can come to receive a hot meal. For those living in poverty, we provide essential hygiene kits, ensuring they have basic necessities to maintain their health and dignity. All patrons are given information on local programs and resources that can offer further assistance and support.

Image by Siegfried Poepperl

The Problem

Many individuals in our community lack access to sufficient food. This scarcity affects their health and well-being, making it challenging for them to meet their basic nutritional needs. Our yearly drives aim to address this critical issue by providing essential food supplies and support.

Image by Connor Hall

The Solution

By leveraging US census tract data on poverty and county school attendance zones, and adhering to the Blueprint for Maryland's Future, we can accurately identify and support the communities that need assistance the most.

Soup Kitchen


The program will expand to include more community hubs and volunteers, aiming to connect community members with additional resources that can help them transition to a better life. By doing so, we aim to provide more comprehensive support and connect individuals with resources that can help elevate their circumstances and facilitate a transition to a better life.

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